Earth’s Most Unique Work of Art

Sunrise over the Earth from Space

Argyle Pink Diamonds

The story of the diamond is a narrative that touches eternity and reminds us of the astonishing power of nature and the unlikely precision of events required to start the epic journey from the beginnings of the universe to a one and a half billion years of heat and pressure that lead to the emergence of a work of art of as rare and beautiful as the landscape from which it is born.

Awash with color, the vista of red rocky outcrops of Australia lead from expansive azure waterways through ancient gorges and past verdant flora and fauna. This ancient land holds one of the world’s greatest diamond secrets: it is the birthplace of the rarest of all diamonds, the Argyle Pink.


Billion Year Journey

Like the serendipity of its creation, the first glimpse of Argyle Pink came as it completed its 1.6 billion year journey out of the earth and sat glistening in the unlikely resting place of a simple anthill in Western Australia. The kaleidoscope of color in a natural diamond is more stunning than any other gem. Their uniqueness is mesmerizing and their very existence seems to defy logic and science.

A natural colored diamond begins its billion year journey almost 100 miles below the surface of the earth. Conditions for their creation are so specific that they are often only found in a single location across the globe like the Argyle Pink diamonds that originate in Western Australia. Natural colored diamonds are so finite that even within these select mines, the amount produced is extremely limited. The rarity of these stones and their stunning colors truly make Argyle Pink earth’s most unique works of art.

One of the rarest diamonds on Earth, the origins of natural pink diamonds are a mystery. The color in Argyle Pink diamonds does not come from any trace element or impurity and is thought to arise from extraordinary pressure beneath the surface of the earth. When the lattice structure of a diamond is altered it refracts light that produces the pink color. From the first blush of sunrise to the deep raspberry of the final rays of day, the beauty of the color pink has captivated the hearts of romantics across the globe for thousands of years. 

In the world of luxury products, the Argyle Pink is comparable in both rarity and value to a masterpiece in a museum.

To possess a pink diamond is the chance to hold eternity in your hand.



To put this rarity in perspective, Argyle Pink accounts for less than 1% of the 20 million carats produced from the Argyle Diamond Mine. It would take approximately 15 years to accumulate enough of these precious diamonds to fill a single champagne glass. With such rarity, Argyle Pink diamonds are sold by invitation only. Very soon the very last of these stones will be discovered and the mine will close forever. With limited life remaining in the mine, these stones are slipping into extinction and the last of these increasingly rare treasures from the earth, the work of a billion years, will enter the private market for the last time.


Nature’s Most Beautiful Gifts

This diminishing natural treasure is distinguished by its uniqueness, limited availability and exceptional beauty. Rarity, uniqueness and the finite nature of the Pink Argyle drives the price performance into comparison with some of the finest works of art ever created. Like a Picasso, these stones sustain their worth and maintain their status as collectibles. This is the earth’s masterpiece, the art of nature, that will never be replicated. Argyle Pink diamonds belong to the world of connoisseurs and collectors and hold limitless wealth creation potential or a legacy for future generations. Fine jewelry featuring fancy colored diamonds is the legacy of royalty and renowned as one of the top investments globally.

Each Argyle Pink is unique and cannot be commoditized. As with fine art, a standard set of rules for value do not apply. Argyle Pink diamonds have shown steady appreciation over the past decade regardless of the ebb and flow of markets. This is a reflection of the fundamental increased demand for a truly scarce product by those who hold the highest standards for luxury goods. Argyle Pink is a highly unique asset class. These stones are destined for the exclusive echelons of the world’s most sophisticated collections and aficionados.

As the last of Argyle Pink emerges from their hidden depth of the earth, the opportunity to own one of nature’s most beautiful gifts will soon be gone forever.”


More Information

The last of the Argyle Pink diamonds are soon to be unearthed and take their place in the grand tale of discovery, Each offers a rare glimpse into the heart of the universe. It is a journey that started more than one and half billion years ago and one that will live in your legacy for generations to come. 

Acquiring pink diamonds is about incomparability. There is a rarity and personality to each stone that can never be duplicated.” – Brian Denney

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