3.01-carat Fancy Gray-Blue Diamond Ring in Platinum

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Blue diamonds are some of the rarest, most mesmerizing diamonds in the world…often breaking records at the premier auction houses. This spectacular ring stars a 3.01-carat pear-shaped Fancy Light Gray-Blue diamond, which is complemented by a halo of Fancy Purplish Pinks. Set in platinum with 18K rose gold accents, the ring is finished with white diamonds to add even more elegance and allure.

Further Details:

  • 3.01-carat modified pear brilliant
  • Color: Fancy Light Gray-Blue
  • Measurements: 10.57 x 7.38 x 5.45mm
  • GIA Report: 17785515 

  • Twenty-two natural pink diamond melee weighing a combined 0.22-carat
  • Color: Fancy Purplish Pink

  • Eighteen round brilliant melee diamonds weighing a combined 0.30-carat
  • Color: F, Clarity: VS

  • Total Weight of Diamonds: 3.53-carat
  • Metal: Platinum with 18K Rose Gold Accents
  • Total Weight of Piece: 6.2g