0.63-carat Argyle Pink Diamond Ring

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Beyond Rare. When it comes to Natural Color Diamonds, Argyle Pink diamonds are among the rarest of the rare. They hail from the famous Argyle Diamond mine in Western Australia, which is scheduled to cease production by the end of 2020.

Here, a 0.63-carat radiant-cut Argyle Pink diamond is highlighted by six pear-shaped Argyle Pinks totaling 0.26 carats. Additional round pink diamonds and white diamonds form an intricate pattern in platinum. Exquisite!


  • 0.63-carat cut-cornered rectangular modified brilliant diamond
  • Color: 6P
  • Argyle Report: 381276
  • Six Argyle pear shaped diamonds weighing a combined 0.26-carats
  • Color: Fancy Pink
  • Eight round diamonds weighing a combined 0.15-carats
  • Color: Fancy Pink
  • Forty-six round brilliant diamonds weighing a combined 0.62-carats
  • Metal: Platinum
  • Total Weight of Piece: 5.5g