Heart-Shaped Pink Diamond Ring with Argyle Diamonds

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Queen of Hearts. Pink diamonds are the most beloved (and some of the rarest) of all Natural Color Diamonds. Here, a 1.44-carat heart-shaped Fancy Light Pink diamond takes center stage in a dazzling cluster design.

The luscious pink stone is surrounded by pink diamond melee and sixteen pear-shaped pink diamonds, all hailing from the famed Argyle mine in Western Australia.  Set in 18K rose gold, this ring is a stunning example of one of nature’s rarest gifts.

  • 1.44-carat light pink heart-shaped diamond.
  • GIA report: 5192988668
  • Pear-shaped pink diamonds: Sixteen diamonds with a combined weight of 1.42-carat. Laser inscribed “ARGYLE“.
  • Round brilliant pink diamond melee: Nineteen fancy light pink diamonds with a combined weight of 0.20-carat.
  • Metal Content: 18K Rose Gold
  • Total Weight of Piece: 6.9g