‘Trio of Diamonds’ Fancy Orange and Pinkish-Brown Diamond Ring

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Our beautiful ‘Trio of Diamonds’ Fancy Color Diamond rings showcase nature’s rarities in stunning combinations. This one features a 0.57-carat Fancy Vivid Yellowish-Orange diamond, a 0.23-carat Fancy Light Pinkish-Brown diamond, and a 0.17-carat Fancy Brownish-Orange diamond.

Surrounded by a halo of sparkling white diamonds, each Fancy Color Diamond is positioned on a separate diamond band. They’re joined at the back to create a statement-making stacked ring effect.

  • 0.57-carat Fancy Vivid Yellowish-Orange cushion-cut diamond
  • 0.23-carat Fancy Light Pinkish Brown round brilliant diamond
  • 0.17-carat Fancy Brownish Orange heart-shaped diamond
  • Number of White Melee Diamonds: 86
  • Weight of White Diamonds: 0.54-carat
  • White Diamond Color: G/H
  • White Diamond Clarity: SI
  • Total Diamond Weight: 1.51-carats
  • Metal Content: 18K White and Yellow Gold
  • Total Weight of Piece: 6.9g