Natural Gray Diamonds: A Study in Understated Elegance

“The most grown-up and philosophical of colours, grey offers an alternative in tune with our times where contemplation and meditation are ever more highly appreciated.” – From “Whisper softly to me: grey jewels are on the rise,” 24 March 2020, by Maria Doulton, The Jewellery Editor, London

This quote above is excerpted from a recent article about the rising popularity of gray gemstones and pearls (they spell it grey in the UK). It prompted several inquiries about gray diamonds, which many collectors and connoisseurs consider to be the most sophisticated of all Natural Color Diamonds. Let’s take a closer look.


50 Shades of Natural Gray Diamonds

Gray is not the first color one thinks of when exploring the fascinating world of Natural Color Diamonds. Yellow diamonds, while exceedingly rare, are the most popular and accessible colored diamonds. Pink diamonds, especially Argyle Pink diamonds, are perhaps the most beloved and sought after. Natural blue diamonds have commanded world-record prices at the premier auction houses. And green, red and violet diamonds rarely, if ever, come to market.

So what is it about gray diamonds that earns them pride of place in many Natural Color Diamond collections? In addition to the gray diamond’s extreme rarity, the answer lies in the many subtle nuances of the color gray.

“Gray diamonds are evocative and mysterious,” says Fancy Color Diamond expert and Gems of Note CEO Brian Denney. “They can display the metallic brilliance of polished steel or the dark sparkle of an evening sky. No two gray diamonds are ever alike.”

Gray Plays Well with Others

On the fashion front, gray diamonds work brilliantly as neutrals, pairing perfectly with black and white, of course, but also with pinks, oranges, yellows and greens.

“I think of a luxurious gray diamond as the gray cashmere sweater of the Natural Color Diamond world,” says Gems of Note’s Tamra Moore. “A gray diamond is timeless and classic… it goes with everything… and it’s the epitome of understated elegance.”

Gems of Note: Natural Gray Diamond Rings






1.24-carat Fancy Dark Greenish Gray Diamond Three-stone Ring in 18K Gold

Collectors of Natural Color Diamonds love gray diamonds for their rarity and sophistication. Our three-stone ring features a 1.24-carat emerald-cut Fancy Dark Greenish Gray diamond with a tapered baguette diamond on either side.


‘Duo of Diamonds’ Fancy Gray Diamond and Orange Diamond Ring in 18K Gold

This beautiful Natural Color Diamond ring features a 1.12-carat Fancy Greenish Gray marquise-cut diamond and a 0.21-carat Fancy Yellow-Orange marquise diamond. These rare stones are surrounded by a halo of white diamonds; the curving band is set with diamonds for a dazzling finish.






0.52-carat Fancy Gray and Pink Diamond Trilogy Ring in 18K Gold

This lovely Natural Color Diamond ring features three colors: a rare oval 0.52-carat Fancy Light Gray diamond, a graceful halo of Fancy Pink diamonds, and two half-moon diamonds surrounded by brilliant diamond melee.


More Information

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