Natural Orange Diamonds: Add Some Sunshine to Your Life

Did you know that orange diamonds are among the rarest and most sought-after Natural Color Diamonds in the world? Whether pure orange in color, or with secondary hues of yellow or pink, vibrant orange diamonds glow like the summer sun. And who couldn’t use a little more sunshine these days?

Just like yellow diamonds, orange diamonds derive their natural color from the presence of nitrogen. But in order to achieve the color orange, a diamond’s atoms must be aligned in a very precise and unusual manner — making it exceedingly rare indeed.

Orange diamonds are mined in Australia and Africa, and only a precious few have come to auction in the past quarter-century.


2 Famous Orange Diamonds

The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) designates natural orange diamonds with the highest color saturation as “Fancy Vivid Orange” — the very top of the crop, if you will.



In 1997, a 5.54-carat pear-shaped Fancy Vivid Orange diamond came up for auction at Sotheby’s New York the night before Halloween. Purchased by Harry Winston, it became known as “The Pumpkin Diamond.” In 2002, Halle Berry famously wore the large orange diamond set in a pinky ring when she won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in Monster’s Ball.



At Christie’s 2013 Sale of Magnificent Jewels in Geneva, another pear-shaped Fancy Vivid Orange diamond, simply named “The Orange,” went on the block. Receiving much fanfare for its large size and luscious color, it was said to look “like the peel of an orange.” This extraordinary diamond weighed 14.92 carats, or more than twice the size of “The Pumpkin Diamond“. The Orange was, and still is, the largest Fancy Color Orange diamond ever to appear at auction.

Gems of Note: Natural Color Orange Diamond Jewelry

Gems of Note is proud to present a stunning selection of Natural Fancy Orange diamond rings and pendants set in 18K gold and platinum. Each rare orange diamond is certified by GIA. Please browse through the featured jewelry below and click for more details.



1.05-carat Pear-Shaped Fancy Vivid Yellow-Orange Diamond Ring

An ultra-rare pear-shaped Fancy Vivid Yellow-Orange diamond stars in this lovely design. Surrounded by rose-cut white diamonds, with accents of pink diamonds, the orange diamond is complemented by a two-tone band of platinum and 18K rose gold.



0.50-carat Fancy Vivid Yellow-Orange Diamond Pendant

This double-halo necklace features a sunny Fancy Vivid Yellowish Orange diamond surrounded by more Yellow-Orange diamonds and round white diamonds. The feminine pendant is fashioned in 18K gold.



0.75-carat Fancy Vivid Yellowish Orange Diamond Ring

Here’s a rare oval orange diamond in a modern East-West setting. At 0.75 carats, the Fancy Vivid Yellowish-Orange diamond is a delicious tangerine color, complemented by 68 round white diamonds.

More Information

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